Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Riding Smart Role Models - OEF Campaign note

This Kathy (Wilcox-Chapman of Jake Circle K) is a western rider and combined driving competitor. She is my role model because wears her helmet every time she rides, and has a good story about falling on her head, better than unharmed, thanks to her hat. It must be harder in disciplines such as western, where helmets are not widely encouraged as part of the correct fashion, to choose to put one on EVERY time. I have even known Kathy to drive in hers. She has chosen a Tipperary for the extra protection to the occipital (brain stem) region of the skull, as well as more protection to the forehead area. It is low profile, lightweight and comfortable, and has removable padding to increase comfort and fit.

This Kathy, a boarder at the same stable, is a proud owner of an Icelandic pony, sometimes even wears her helmet while handling her horse! And so, she is another role model, even if the action doesn't quite qualify as "riding" smart.

e-mailed to OEF, prior to June deadline
*captions to include name of person and & horse (owner) and date and location of pics.

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