Monday, May 06, 2024

2024 Guelph Dance Festival

I recently had the pleasure to sit down in conversation with choreographer and current Artist-in-Residence, Tara Butler, about the work she will be presenting IN THE STUDIO -- showing on Sunday, June 2nd at 3:30.  

You can listen here to our conversation, including her fascinating explanation of the title, It Falls with The Rain.  I loved talking about taking constructive action around environmental issues as part of our interview!   I recently read that the average adult consumes the equivalent of one credit card per week in microplastics and it has been really on mind -- what a delight to hear what Tara has inspired to draw our attention to as well... 

This segment was produced for CFRU 93.3fm also features segments of the original compositions created by Edgardo Moreno for the project. 


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Final Farewell Episode

This episode includes a few interviews by BBRM students at Canada's Equine University, The University of Guelph - with coaches and trainers, as well as financial experts... especially in regards to coping with the COVID pandemic.

I just love this picture of two foals having a lie down in their pasture - can you spot them? I am hoping for a bit more down time myself!

The show also has a small Lyle Lovett fictional tribute at the end, because I can't believe I am hanging up my hoofbeats RADIO "spurs" without an interview with this esteemed horseman under my belt.  Its possible there will be a few more podcast episodes produced...

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Throw Me Onto The Compost Pile episode - hoofbeats 2nd last show!!

This episode features more orginal fiction, including a lovely song snippet sung around a campfire. Of course the tune is about death, as the character AJ is preparing to discuss the nearly 50,000 working horses across the country, that ran out of food and money about a month ago. They face sector classification and program eligibility challenges that she wonders if her local MPP is working on.

There is a small segment with a local memoir consultant, who is interested in working with horse people who want to document parts of their life story. For Real!

The feature interview was conducted by Amanda St. Onge, BBRM student, with Peter Ayranto, the University of Guelph's farrier. He talked about procedures and precautions he's been taking during the pandemic and what he would like to see more of. We talked about the positive impact of the pandemic in barns or otherwise, and we talked about whether the university should offer some sort of farrier course.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Help Save Canada's Horses

In today's episode we share some thoughts from Equine Guelph on how to save your riding school business, and the webinar from Equestrian Canada to #SaveCanadasHorses
  Have you written to your Federal MP yet? We need to be clear, consistent and communicate to as many people in government as we can, repeating the ask for emergency funding.

Animal Welfare is at stake.

Businesses are already shutting down for good, can we prevent this from happening more?

Monday, June 01, 2020

Pandemic Journal #2, first week of June in Canada

Pony Daze fiction, and a chat with Kristy House Equestrian Canada
> needs a log sheet for the Suzi Vinnick tune at the end

A Pandemic Journal from hoofbeats radio

For our herd, even without access to the usual live to air studio, previously recorded audio, and the other resources at the University of Guelph’s radio station, the small but mighty hoofbeats team is proud to have continued to contribute to the required, new, local, spoken word content for University of Guelph Campus and Community CFRU Radio airwaves. Fresh local content is mandated by the CRTC, and maintains the licence to broadcast. We’ve recorded on zoom, apps on the phone, and recorded voice memos. We’ve learned how to do all sorts of audio editing at home and we look forward to improving our techniques further. Its all taken longer than it normally would, and you might have noticed the difference in the audio quality, but we know you understand. We know your workload has changed so much as well, with so many other concerns and losses and stresses to deal with.

We did want to let you know that recently we aired a segment with the Welfare and Education Centre at the Donkey Sanctuary (as pictured). If you have the time, you could give a listen. And, we shared an interview with Carol Fleming, daughter of an Appaloosa breeder and amazing horseman who grew up training wild mustangs in Wyoming, before moving to Canada and managing a cattle ranch.

Coming soon, we thought it would be fun to help you listen to when Secretariat won the Derby. And, we have a lovely musical mounted adventure to share from American musician Julia Douglas, that features the beautiful soundscape of a herd of Icelandic horses in motion, called “Slow Down Julia”. We’ve also decided to rebroadcast a few favourite interviews of the past. You will want to hear our conversation with Dr. Katrina Merkies, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, the first time she guested. And, as you are trying to move forward in our new landscape and possibly trying to re-establish or re-invent an equine business, the interview on youth engagement, where a 12yr old is in candid conversation with a 17 yr old, about what they think would entice their non-equine friends to join the herd, might be of interest to you. You can always find out the latest at
Other impending changes will see Kim Logue, the founder of hoofbeats radio, pivot from producer and on-air host of the radio shows, to a columnist/contributor and voice of a fictional character. “I’m super excited to see other participants to the show take on more leadership and visibility, with recorded interviews and segments, as well as hosting and voicing transitions. And, I’m looking forward to getting creative, and with delving into the sound design. With music to evoke feeling and soundscapes that create atmosphere."

Meanwhile the weekly hour on the radio will continue to provide an all interest, all access, all age equestrian show - for closet enthusiast to full fledged professional. And please remember, we want to learn about your equine actives, breeds, sports and situations right now. We want to hear your perspectives and report on things as you see and experience them. And to learn from your experience as well. So, please drop a line to

Horse Chats - First Interview with Hoofbeats Radio, Canada!

In this show, we are bringing you a 35min "horse chats" podcast.  Kim guested on this show, produced in Australia, by the International Horse College.  With thousands of flexible courses, students from more than 20 countries...  And with more than 220,000 podcast downloads and 10,000 subscribers!  What an honour, for a big fan of Glynis Cox as an interviewer.  

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Mother's Day Edition

In today's episode we bring you an interview from University of Guelph BBRM student reporter, Amanda St. Onge, and her long time family friend Carol Fleming. You will hear how Carol grew up training wild mustangs in Wyoming, before moving to Canada. Her father was an Appaloosa breeder and an incredible horseman. You will hear about the cattle ranch and how Carol manages it, with horses.

We also share some of the latest news from Provincial Sport office and the Equestrian Canada Announcement in regards to the "Return to Business Operations Framework"

There is music from Aimee Charbonneau and Bahamas, as well as the tune The Ranchers Song by Don Edwards. We do a shout out to fellow frubie Jenny Mitchell, and cfru in general.

And we announce a repeat winner of Horse of the Week -
        the beautiful Bella Lula, an established, successful brood mare coming for sale, who has a special place in the heart of hoofbeats radio founder Kim Logue.

And, Kim's mom volunteered for the show this week. Happy Mother's Day everybody!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hoofbeats radio May news (an update for The Rider)

Recent interviews on the radio show include connections we made at the University of Guelph’s Equine Career Night, including a chat with Barry Finn of the Rider! If you missed the broadcast on 93.3fm in the Guelph area, remember that you can listen to it anytime at We post each a description of each episode, along with a photo each week. Some of the files are also podcasted, so you are also able to subscribe to the monthly highlights in iTunes and Spotify.

We were delighted, recently, to host a round table discussion with some of the members of Guelph Pony Club, who also ride at HorseWorks in Rockwood. Some of our future shows will include their adorable Horse of the Week segments! We recently congratulated Lyle Lovett’s horse Smart & Shiney for being hoofbeats horse of the week, with more related music and conversation, which was another fun segment we hope you enjoy.

We would also like to highlight our discussion with Dr. Gordon Chang of Omega Alpha, which is certainly worth a listen. We are pleased to mention that future shows will include some product giveaways! We can’t wait to share the details of the prizes and ways to win.

With the radio station on campus now closed due to the pandemic, we have had to shift our processes to create the shows remotely. So, our broadcasts have been less focused on the musical components that our programming usually offers, but nonetheless there are at least a few musical gems built in. Other feature interviews are brought to you by a returning co-host, University of Guelph BBRM student, Amanda St Onge, using new technology to record phone calls. We expect Noelle from Mad Barn to be a returning guest with more tips on equine nutrition!

We also introduced a new segment called Equine Podcast Playlist, where we gave a great review to horse — and since then, I was invited as an interview guest with Glenys Cox! The intention is to share that recording on hoofbeats as well. There is so much passion and knowledge in our equine sector, it was great to connect to an expert based in Australia.

One topic we touched on is that I started riding at Myrddin Equestrian Centre, with Margaret Godson when I was 12 years old. This week I had to spread the word that after 41 years in business, she is shutting down. It was important to highlight that there is a Molson and Sally Retirement Fund Raiser for two extremely loyal, generous horses who helped several hundred students learn to ride from their first trot to flying changes. Combined they have 44 years of service at Myrddin Equestrian Centre.
Myrddin is selling off their equipment to raise funds to give Molson and Sally the retirement they so richly deserve. If you would like to donate to the cause etransfers can be sent to

We have let the public know that with the current economic conditions, and social distancing protocols, selling a horse you can no longer afford to keep, is next to impossible. We have been spreading the message that without revenue coming in, the lesson horses who are the heroes of our industry, will no longer receive basic care. For barns that cannot support their horses, and cannot find a home for them, the spectre of euthanasia and slaughter looms. Hoofbeats has been strongly supporting and adding to all efforts to help save Ontario’s riding schools and their beloved lesson horses. We have also done our very best to share helpful information about caring for your horses during a pandemic.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Helping the Schoolies!

Happy Throwback Thursday!  Here is a picture of me on a rollercoaster, when I was about 12, and wearing a tee that brings me back memories!  I love the athleticism and willingness of the three freestyle gymnastic jumping horses in that logo of yore.  Back when I was just getting started with Margaret Godson, and she was just getting started with Myrddin Equestrian Centre.

Last week I had to spread the word that after 41 years in business, she is shutting down. There is a Molson and Sally Retirement Fund Raiser for two extremely loyal, generous horses who helped several hundred students learn to ride from their first trot to flying changes. Combined they have 44 years of service at Myrddin Equestrian Centre.

"Myrddin is selling off all our equipment. In a Fund Raiser to give Molson and Sally the retirement they so richly deserve. If you would like to donate to the cause etransfers can be sent to Any donations are gratuitously received."

With current economic conditions combined with social distancing protocols, selling a horse you can no longer afford to keep, is already next to impossible. Without revenue coming in, the lesson horses who are the heroes of our sport, will no longer receive basic care. Please help save the rest of Ontario’s riding schools and their beloved lesson horses. You can help here.
We also air a segment from retired broadcaster Carol Mott, who personally has lost revenue of 75 lessons per week, for a month at time she was guesting on another station.  Its a segment that can help those outside the industry understand what it is like behind the doors they were told to close, and the risk that many won't be able to feed those horses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pandemic Perspectives for Horsefolk, April 16 2020

In this edition of hoofbeats, we bring you the latest from our National and Provincial sport offices, regarding the state of Emergency.  We also have some tips about caring for your horses during a pandemic. so give a listen to this half hour show created remotely, with One-horse-power...

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tips for Media Coverage, and more fun from Equine Career Night

In today's edition of hoofbeats brings you some informal discussions with visitors at the Equine Career Night at the University of Guelph, including a chat with Barry Finn of the Rider!

We also air some fun raw audio from a round table discussion with some of the members of Guelph Pony Club, who also ride a HorseWorks in Rockwood, including our Horse of the Week segment.

In keeping with an ongoing show theme, we also remind all horse people to get their tickets for the upcoming Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt acoustic evening, show that is coming up at Centre in Square in April, as well as one of his tunes.

There is also some music, from the new release from a previous hoofbeats guest -- give a listen to two tracks from Peppermoth.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

More Science to the Stable

Today's interview was by phone!
In today's show we welcome the founder of Omega Alpha, Gordon Chang.

We discuss botanical formulas, and the effective supplements that are researched and tested, easy to administer and satisfaction guaranteed.

There is also a feature we call "Equine Podcast Playlist" that you will want to hear!!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Horses and People

In this edition of hoofbeats, we discuss large animal rescue training with Equine Guelph's Susan Raymond, and the captain of a local fire dept. You'll also hear some comments on the education experienced, from a Sergeant at the Hamilton Mounted Police Unit.

We remind you about an intriguing event happening tomorrow on Campus, a Tomb of One's Own - and share another draft of a presentation for late March called Fitness, Feminism and Horses.

There is also some fiction, and of course some music - including from Lyle Lovett, the owner of our Horse of Week Smart and Shiney.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Nervous, or No? Horses Know...

 In today's radio broadcast we aired Blue Flowers, from a Shannon Lyon video shot on location @ Centro Equestre La Luz.  There are three horses loose in a pen, as our songwriter sits in the centre on a wooden stool.  "I am nervous most of my life" he sings.  But he doesn't look it, even though at one point he runs towards the camera, and away from the horses, who are chasing each other very close to him. Check it out here.

We also played this one minute clip, which Shannon mentioned when we asked him about his experience with horses for our Riding With the Stars segment.  I love the bird sounds as well the musician's song. Is this dark horse the same breed as the others?  A big cuddly gelding, really cute, getting to Shannon's space looking for affection.   By the way, the other equines in the music video weren't actually stallions right? Its just that he knew they were male that made him think they were stallions? I think the tune is Pleasing You Pleases Me.  And I think its a perfect message for horse lovers to enjoy!  We also think you'll enjoy this video, so check it out!

Our horse of the week, is a lovely Hanoverian mare we have been a fan of for a long time.  Bella Luna is for sale, and we hope she stays local.  Would you like to meet her? You can find out more about her here.

The co-host dj who visited that morning, chose some amazing local music. Give a listen to some great local talent!

Top Tips for Equine Employers

photo by Dr Katrina Merkies

Recently on Hoofbeats radio, we shared new and extra information on the Findings from The “Learning From Employers Action Group," which were initially presented at the 2019 Equine Industry Symposium, by the chair, Kim Logue, in a quick 5 minute summary.

The Action Group was formed after the 2018 Equine Industry symposium, with the mandate to visit, investigate and learn from, equine operations, businesses and employers, who are trying to do better, for their workers, in an ever-evolving landscape — With a special focus on those who are succeeding -- to hold out their best practices for the rest of the (equine) world to see!

First off, it can pay to hire a Bookkeeper (and/or to develop the skill set of a trained bookkeeper), in order to run periodic reports, at least quarterly, if not monthly. And understand how to read them. So that you won’t make life altering decisions based on faulty information!

Having a pro do the books is certain to help any immediate problems like missed payments from customers, or lack of adequate expense records for write offs... But you can also review your salary expense as an appropriate % of total expenses, review revenue generated per hour per employee, and identify other trends to improve your profitability etc

Next, it works to correctly classify your employees and pay the WSIB. It is important insurance for the business.  A disgruntled or injured worker classified incorrectly as “Casual help” or “Independent Contractor” can make a legal claim; Or a random investigation by Revenue Canada or Ministry of Labour could find the operation liable for failing to submit source deductions. Over a few years, the liability of those remittances and/or fines or settlements could seriously jeopardize you business.

A key point was that made is that to Reduce Worker TurnOver and IMPROVE RETENTION is important in every industry. Turnover is expensive for the all minimum wage retail or hospitality businesses of the world and is important in any industry. The accounting firm we spoke to calculates that it costs them $10,000 to hire a new employee, $10,000 to orient over them 2 months, and then the new staffer is in training for the first year. So, the firm needs to earn new revenue at two times the salary of the employee to cover the salary expense.

In a similar way, Equine Employers should compute the tangible costs of their employee turnover. And, consider:
-lost productivity before the departing employee actually leaves
-time that you or others will need to fill in and the time spent coordinating the schedule to ensure that coverage
-the cost of time spent on admin tasks, like recruiting, and interviewing,
-and, the cost of lost productivity during orientation and training

We found more than one example, with the same staff for nearly 5 yrs, who were paid $18-$19 hr! So, it is suggested, to consider starting salaries a smidge above minimum wage. And, to lay out a schedule for pay increases. Maybe a 50 cent increase every 6 months? The $3 more per hour, that a person is earning where they have stuck with the place for 3 years, is not seen as an additional expense coming out of their pocket. It is understood to be a savings.

Also, it works to welcome being notified of “problems,” or getting suggestions, i.e. to foster communication. Staff who regularly engage with their manager, experience a much greater relationship. Having an environment whereby leaders and workers problem solve together, leads to a much more agile and innovative environment, to deal with roadblocks in the workplace quicker. And, on a continuous basis. Consider the stable with a daily coffee and tea break, that the owners come in and make, around 10am each day before gathering in the heated tack room around with everyone who is present on the farm! How easy it is to have communication and conversation that way!

We also found that even in a challenged labour market like ours, people leave bosses, not jobs.  Give that some thought.  Our research shows that non-cash rewards, like a horse to ride, or lessons, can make all the difference.  A simple, earnest thank you with specific recognition, can go much further than many bosses realize…

Be sure to check out the Feb 20th show, posted at

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Hello March Break.

In this episode of hoofbeats, we bring you a song intro, specially for horse lovers, recorded with Northern Hearts, as well as a couple of their tunes (Warning explicit lyrics).

You will also hear about E-BARQ -- a study of how horse training and management affects behaviour.  And how, in turn, behaviour affects horse welfare.

We also had a nice chat with Jenn of Firefly Stables about her March Break camp and lesson program.

Friday, January 31, 2020

A Variety Show of Recent Horse Talks

 This episode of hoofbeats features some original fiction that mentions the band Fred, as well as one of their tunes.  There is also a Riding With The Stars segment that Amanda was able to capture with Steve Strongman, who surprised us with some horse experience, as well as one of his tunes.  There are also some recordings made at the recent hoofbeats open house, and several upcoming event announcements.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Be The Change

Today we bring you some quick words about an evidence based approach to training and riding; from Lisa Ashton, MBA and Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship.  Are you considering attending the Happy Athlete Conference in the UK in August?

You will also hear BBRM student Andrea's long awaited segment, inspired by a press release we received from the International Society of Equitation Science, based on findings presented at the 15th annual conference in 2019.

We also bring you a 50 minute recording made on campus recently, at the Pathobiology Building in the OVC.  Next time we will get there in time to put the recorder on the podium, instead of just having it in the front row! The content of Dr. Kendra Coulter's presentation "Continuity and Change in Animal Protection, Work and Policy" is really worth a listen!