Saturday, December 29, 2007

#5 12-30-2007

[ ] Hoofbeats track
[ ] station id & show welcome
[ ] Hoofbeats "background" notes
[ ] theme song search/submission plea
[ ] introduce guest (music programming)
[ ] weather forecast from computer
[ ] questions for guest
[ ] tell us about your current involvement with horses
[ ] track 8 - ballad of harrison crabfeathers intro, read verse 6:03
20 min
[ ] i should also make myself a pre-recorded Dallas Bio/Ask Equine Guelph Background thing with sound effects. also, a nice mash of the 4 Ask Equine Guelph questions so far.
[ ] it would be fun to play the bio reading and Groom Course report from the demo
[ ] new year's thoughts from guest
40 min
[ ] merry christmas horses report? 3:45
[ ] button box things
[ ] the truth about us track (when we rode into town, auld langsyne) intro plus track 5:13?
[ ] sign off show

i forgot to turn the mics off, when we went to a song. #1 mistake NOT to make? luckily, none of the "what is the problem in here?" chatter was amplified enough to be heard. what you can hear, however, is a giant DEcrease in the volume of the song part way thru. because, when i finally turned off the mics, the song blasted in the studio, since the monitor knob had been cranked in the search for the problem process... ACK.

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