Friday, January 25, 2008

#13 24-02-2008 Dr. Uta, Fear Findings

[ ] intro + song 4:28
[ ] show welcome/weather/guest intro
Dr. von Borstel, University of Guelph, Department of Animal and Poultry Science
Uta grew up and worked on dairy and horse breeding farms in Northern Germany and Iceland before her interest in natural sciences led her to pursue studies in agricultural sciences at the Universities of Guelph and Halle (Germany). She investigated for her B.Sc. (hons.) the effect of handling on semen quality in stallions, and then went on to her M.Sc. Beside her studies, she worked part-time in the Hannoverian Horse BreedingAssociation, in a large animal clinic, on several projects as research assistant, and, of course, with her passion, the training of young riding and racing horses. She also competed at high level vaulting and dressage competitions. Presently, Uta is co-supervised for her Ph.D. byDr. Ian Duncan, Dr. Suzanne Millman and Dr. Linda Keeling from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She investigates the unconscious communication of fear between horses and riders and hopes that her work will help to reduce the number of accidents happening with horses.

"Fear travels down the reins" -- Hugh Moorsehead, first Hoofbeats! interview

guest discussion:
[ ] Tell us about your Transferable Fear research study, starting with why you did it-- was there a moment when the idea came to you?
[ ] how and where did you do it (how many horses etc.)
[ ] results of study
[ ] how have your findings been shared?

i.e. CCSAW News, was there an article in the local paper too?
[ ] news (4:34)
[ ] song
[ ] EG course news (1:00)
discussion with guest
[ ] tell us more about what is covered in the course and how and what students come away with
[ ] Please tell more about what you do -- describe a typical day

[ ] tell us more about your education
[ ] what education would you recommend for someone entering your field
[ ] how did you come to the role
[ ] horse history lesson "Horstory" (6:43)
[ ] horse of the week (4:08)
discussion with guest[ ] tell us more about your background with horses
Riding and Vaulting Instructor 1996 – 2002
Riding clubs in Nienhagen, Celle and Halle (Germany)
● Supervised and instructed children/adolescents during riding and vaulting

[ ] tell us more about your current involvement with horses
[ ] What skills or qualities are most important in carrying out your duties?
[ ] What do you find the most challenging?
[ ] What might be your next step?
[ ] Equine Events Calendar
[ ] credits, thanks, sign off show etc.
[ ] song to close? Wild Horses from the memory stick??

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