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we are broadcasting at CFRU so the show will be archived.
we have the 5 minutes after the BBC problem
i dunno if this means a strike in Hamilton or not

[ ] In this episode...welcome & description with phone numbers to call in 519-837-2378, e-mail: or, post something for at the group on fb
Do we have a group on Barnmice?

[ ] See you On the Moon - Great Lake Swimmers track 4:10

[ ] Horse Crazy hour show over view- already been dancing to our intro theme song?
read a story i wrote, lots of music and an interview a new hoofbeats! host. whoo hoo!

[ ] brief introduction of guest/new host
pet store

[ ] horse crazy cowboy poem, track 3 - 2:00?
talk about hoss gallery. have you seen the picture of the painting of the picture i rode at Mark Grice's?

[ ] what is zazu giveaway
we are giving away copies of a board book with humourous illustrations and rhyming text to celebrate the launch of Horse Crazy, our new segment especially for younger horse lovers! Kim Smerek illustrated, wrote and produced this reader for the very, very young (kids under 5), about her favourite animal friend. Maybe you've seen it for sale at Macondo books downtown Guelph? Its a great read aloud, and to get a copy, write our horse talk radio show and guess what kind of animal Zazu is! We want you to win one!
[ ] Kids Time Show Mention

[ ] horse of the week, read story

[ ] greyden equestrian lesson giveaway
[ ] manoravon clinic giveaway, Feb 15
"What to Look for in a Riding/Boarding Stable" Scavengerhunt

[ ] horseNaround, breed feature -
- on air apology to Nikky about the orientation mix up
- congratulations on the forthcoming Blaze magazine

Upcoming Can-Am Highlights
Scavenger Hunt Reporter Plea

music music music?
[ ] PSAs at both stns 2:00- at CFMU we should sing live, ha!
[ ] Tannis Slimmon commercial

"you're getting my mom's award by the way"
Susan Jane Anstey was a valiant champion of Canada's development in international sport and recognized that the ride to the podium for Canadian competitors begins in the barns and paddocks at home.

As that rare combination of publisher and working journalist, Susan Jane provided a dedicated Canadian journalistic presence at World Equestrian Games and Olympic Competitions from 1984 through to Greece in 2004. Through her work with the FEI Media Advisory Committee and her leadership of the International Alliance of Equine Journalists, Susan Jane built a bridge that linked Canadian horse sport to the rest of the world.

Through publications such as Horse Sport, Horse-Canada and Canadian Thoroughbred, Susan Jane provided a national voice for the Canadian equestrian community, and a forum for a national dialogue on the issues that have affected and defined our sport. In memory of Susan Jane, and in recognition of her invaluable contributions to Canadian equine interests, Equine Canada will present the Susan Jane Anstey Media Award to an exceptional individual who has delivered outstanding media coverage that served to enhance the image of Canadian equine interests to the Canadian public. All submissions must have been published or aired for the first time between December 1, 2007, and October 31, 2008.

Equine Canada is excited to once again present our Annual Awards Gala. Featured as part of the Equine Canada Annual Convention, this prestigious event will be held Saturday, February 7, 2009 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Ottawa. Guests will enjoy a full plated meal during the awards presentation followed by an evening of dancing as part of this fantastic evening that acknowledges the Canadian equestrian accomplishments of

2009 Equine Canada Annual Convention is set for February 1–9, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ottawa, ON. For nine days in February, the equine community from across Canada will be able to participate in a selection of clinics, seminars and forums tailored to the unique issues affecting each of Equine Canada’s three divisions—Sport, Recreation and Breeds & Industry

[ ] show overview
First Aid Kit lesson
What to do if Kim falls off Emergency Lesson

[ ] do we have anyone to take the hoofbeats torch?
[ ] volunteer request plea?
jobs like editing audio clips re: USEF Horse of the Year

[ ] News:
Five representatives from the FEI (the International Governing Body for Equestrian Sport) paid a visit to the USEF, the Kentucky Horse Park and the World Equestrian Games headquarters last week. Productive meetings were had on all sides and the USEF’s Joanie Morris caught up with a few of the members of the delegation about their thoughts and opinions on the future, the legacy, the Games and the relationship between the USEF and the FEI.

[ ] Ottawa transit for those travelling to the convention
also no Horse Job of the week ?

Canada's first employment website dedicated to the equine is proud to announce its partnership with Can-Am Equine Marketing at the 2009 Can-Am All Breeds Equine Emporium in London, Ontario -- The first Career Fair at Can Am will include Informative industry representatives from various career fields, and equine industry. On site, each day, to answer any of your career related questions, will also be providing lectures that highlight specific career paths such as an equine healthcare panel, sales and marketing in the equine industry, coaching as a career and working in the racing industry, to name but a few, PLUS resume writing and interviewing workshops. Bring along a copy of your resume for a free assessment from a Career Advisor. High school athletes can post an academic and riding resume along with photos and full-length video of them riding; the athletes are sorted by graduating year and chosen discipline. This creates a unique location for college coaches who are searching for their future college riding team members.

[ ] note that we try and post details of the news and events we mention and sources of our news etc. on our blog, found off the CFRU.CA schedule page.

[ ] call in columnist, Barbara Fogler
What's happening with Barnmice? # of posts, and lots of other interesting measurables....Hot topics from the Barnmice community.let's remember a little barnmice plug at the end and invite everyone to join at

Equine Canada is an extensive infrastructure of professional staff, volunteers with lifelong experience in the horse and sport industry, competition organizers, Provincial partners, affiliated National organizations and of course our members. Working together, we provide programs and services for the entire equine community. Our mission at Equine Canada is to represent, promote, and develop a unified Canadian Equine Community.
It is our vision that Canada is a great equine nation, where:
Every child has the opportunity for an equestrian experience.
Every Canadian has access to the use of horses for leisure, hobby, sport and commerce.
Equine activities are an integral part of the Canadian culture.
We have success at international level of competition.
The welfare of the horse is paramount.
There is an economically viable horse industry.

[ ] happy trails, music track
[ ] show preview for next week

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