Thursday, May 31, 2012

#85 06-24-2012 Surprised Inside Live Oak, Part 1

I forgot to mention that Thorston Z was there too.  Tune in to Part 2 in August!!
(photo Blue Centaur, facebook)
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including 45 second show greeting, then voiceover: 
Surprised inside Live Oak?  Imagine winning two days of training with one of the world’s best horsemen.  Welcome to episode#85 of hoofbeats, where we are revealing details of the amazing equine adventure of our very own reporter, Kim Logue.  Maybe you read a bit about it in The Ontarion,  The Guelph Mercury or Inside Wellington before she went, or maybe you’ve seen the interviews, articles and photos in Warmbloods Magazine or The Whip since she returned.  Or maybe this will be the first you’ve heard of the exclusive, once in a lifetime opportunity that she had to train at Live Oak in Ocala Florida, with the World’s Best in Combined Driving. Her trainer, Chester Weber, is the most decorated combined driver in the USA and was also US Chef d'Equipe for the World Championships.  We’ll start today’s program by rebroadcasting part one of the excerpt of her interview on the Horse Radio Networks in Lexington, Kentucky.
[ ] 10:00 min edited segment
Did you hear in that interview segment where the butter soft leather of the harnesses at Live Oak was mentioned?  Next in the program we thought we’d bring you some words from David Freedman, of Freedman Harness.  After more than 200 years, Freedman's Harness is still the choice of Royalty, Heads of State, and the preference of owners of the best of the Grand Champion show Horses and Ponies.  For six generations horsemen have respected, admired and valued the carriage harness bearing Freedman's.Horseshoe trademark, it has always been synonymous with classic styling, timeless quality and legendary handcraftmanship of the finest materials, with an exquisite attention to detail.
 [ ] 13:00min Taping - Freedman Harness
[ ] 3:00 Barelegs in Blundstones, part 1
[ ] 2:00 kim's bio by deb
[ ] 4:00 Christmas trees exerpt sung, part 2
[ ] 5:00 min record phone chat with Kyla about how we met and what it was like to represent Canada at Weg as the navigator
[ ] HRN edited interview part 2
[ ] 2:00 voiceover 3, re: The Wheelhorse Newsletter article by Kim Logue, read by John Granger
[ ] 4:45 Trouble In The Fields, Sarah Harmer does Nancy Griffith
[ ] 4:00 prerecorded show outro

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