Sunday, June 03, 2012

#86 - 07-01-2012 A Canada Day Mosaic Show

Did you see the "theme music" Bob Wiseman posted on our hoofbeats radio facebook page?  On the 2012 Canada Day show we are not only playing his official contribution for the first time, we are also revealing the draft mission statement in progress by Equine Canada.  You will hear a brand new hayfield report from Alex Pangman (who was recently featured on Canada Live!) about racing, and her pre-recorded horse bio sent to us by her bluegrass hero/ husband Tom Parker.  We are also  rebroadcasting a previous interview with Hans Hollenbach, about classical dressage training, especially ground work.  This incredibly interesting interview took place in 2008 when Mark Grice was co-hosting regularly and Hilary Eastmure, now News Director at the Grand 92.7,  made her very first appearance on the radio?  Here's hoping you will enjoy this holiday mixture of horse talk programming, and don't forget to try and spot today's co-host John Granger with his trumpet in the Canada day parade!

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