Friday, April 05, 2013

#115 04-08-2013 Chasing Canada

"Its a gutsy thing, one woman, one horse, crossing the country..." said a previous hoofbeats radio guest about Kimber Sider, who we hear from in this episode, now available on dropbox.

- Filming the final steps to the Pacific Ocean.
In this program, we hear part one of our interview with Kimber Sider, who rode her horse across Canada, camping and relying on the hospitality of strangers. They made it! And she still has the documentary airing on CBC to prove it. What came first, the ride or the film? What were the biggest challenges in the 5 month 5,000+ km journey? And, what was learned about the Canada’s vast landscapes and diverse people? Tune in at 92.9 or stream live at The Grand 7:30pm on Monday, April 8th to find out!

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