Thursday, April 25, 2013

#118 04-30-2013 Horses = Independence?

In this episode of hoofbeats we are in conversation with Judi Island, Paralympic rider, about a recent local championship award and international competition medals she has won and how.  We also feature a tune called Emily Flies by M.L. Hammond, inspired by many real kids and horses she's met in therapeutic riding programs.

You don't want to miss what Judi says halfway through the interview about Inga Hamilton, the coach that got her back on her own horse after the devasting car accident, and then also supported her for many international competitions.  It is also really moving when she reveals what it is that having horses in her life has given her...

We have also have some original fiction recorded for hoofbeats nice by one of our volunteers, called "Mud Meets Daisy."  Remember, you can contribute to the show, or volunteer with us! Just write to

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