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#126 08-12-2013 Interested in Equine Assisted Learning?

In this episode of hoofbeats you will hear a bit about how horses can help people with anxiety disorders and other challenges - we got Neil, a new cfru volunteer working in the studio next door to tell you about it! Kim's mom had contributed to this show, by sending the interesting article from her local paper, that we shared the excerpts/recap from: Horse Power/Equine Therapy part 1 & Horse Power part 2.

This show also features a horse owner with 2 geldings, a QH and a mustang. "The mustang's mother was in foal with him when she was captured in Wyoming and shipped to Canada by Albert Botha and Randy Bird for the documentary they were making. My husband's dream was to have a mustang and he happened to contact Albert Botha at just the right time -- as our horse, Bo, was a 2 yr old stallion turned out in a huge field with just his mother and 2 other mares. He needed a new home before he got busy breeding his mother and aunts! Perfect timing for all involved. We got him untouched as that 2 yr old. He is 8 now and my 14 yr old daughter considers him her horse! haha. My hubby is happy to share him with her though."

This interview, with certified horse-riding instructor Brandi Ford, is a nice thorough segment recorded by the host of Family Matters on CFRU, who sent it along, explaining: "My daughter (nearly 9 yrs old), has been riding since last fall. I've enjoyed seeing Brandi balance fun, safety, and empathy while she teaches her students." Isn't it interesting that in April, Kim had written to Brandi in reply to her "Certified Riding Instructor" Ad on Kijiji, trying to recruit her as a reporter?!!

You can also hear an Ask Equine Guelph column as submitted by Dallas back in 2008. Since then, she has actually graduated OVC in the class of 2008, and gone on to other Grad Studies, specifically Epidemiology (distribution of disease in populations), in Veterinary School in Saskatoon.

This show also announces a new non-profit program in Quinte West called "Freedom Reins" Equine Assisted Growth and Learning. It is run by the Trent Community Correctional Committee and has been operating since May of this year. There will be a two part Open House on Thu 22 Aug - a morning session for organizations that could be referring clients to them (such as mental healthcare professionals etc); and an early evening session for the general public.

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