Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#144 03-03-2014 Playing the Odds

Have you ever heard the expression flying your helicopter while building it? Welcome to the evolving campus/community radio program and podcast, hoofbeats. I am your host Kim Logue, and its socan week! Today's episode is called Playing the Odds and will feature music from Lyle Lovett, Danny Michel, Bob Wiseman, Gordon Shawcross and Andrew Coombes. We'll be playing the intro from our timeslot at the Grand 92.9, and our very first training studio booking segment - the show intro from 2007, 2x by accident ha!

It will also provide an update on the state of harness racing in Ontario in 2014, 2 years after the the Ontario Liberal Government's "shameful" decision to end the Slots-at-Racetracks program in an interview edited with Brian Tropea, by Jordan, pictured left, who also did a voice over used in a past show. (Sorry there's still a quarter horse song mention blooper at 37:41, and what did you think about the RSU topic left in vs. deleted? That's how we hear that the we need the riding horse people to become fans of the sport).

We'll air a brand new recording Kim Logue's Pony Daze blog  "Know When To Hold 'Em.  You will also get to hear several of Sarah Sheard's Flying Changes blog chapters, starting with #24.

The Playlist:
9:00 Bob Wiseman, Horsey Keep Your Tail Up, (public domain) theme music, recording for hoofbeats, indie, 2012, 30 sec
9:01 Danny Michel, White Lightening, Live In Winnipeg, indie, 2010, 5:26
9:44 Lyle Lovett, If I Had A Boat, Pontiac, as background music for Pony Daze blog reading, Curb, 1987, 3:07
9:48 Andrew Coombes, Horseless, Beautiful Senseless, indie, 2003, 30 sec
9:58 Gordon Shawcross, Guess I'm Gonna Be Lonely, Egypt, Mississippi, indie, 2001, 1min

We ran out of time to play something from Sunset Sea.  We'd thought maybe to air Rye Whiskey & Wine?  Because the record brings the sounds of travelled places into one aural space: listen carefully and hear the perfect tempo of horses hooves galloping, kitchen stools scraping on wooden floors, kalimba, and internet-commissioned “hey’s!!” from fans, friends, nieces, and nephews.

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