Monday, April 07, 2014

#147 04-07-2014 Spring Training

Today on hoofbeats we welcome a local coach, trainer and a qualified technical delegate into the CFRU studio.  Linda Hauck is also an accomplished rider, horse owner, horse mom, equestrian entreprenuer/inventor with an equine related day job...  There will be no shortage of discussion topics!  To learn more about Linda, you can check out her website.

The show starts with airing her horse tip from the Horse Radio Network, and then our live discussion covers an understanding of the types of clinics she runs for eventers, and what participants would get out of attending.  We also talk about choosing a Thoroughbred horse off the track for riding and showing, as well as one of her most popular equestrian inventions, The Spursuader.

This show also features a new report from the Hayfield by Alex Pangman, a horse story sent to us by Ian McD, and the thirst for knowledge segment from WindDancer Pony Rescue about the Shetland pony.  You can listen back in the archive at (choose Monday, April 7, 9am).

The Pure Guelphishness Playlist featured just one song, from Paul MacLeod.

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