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hoofbeats #153 07-05-2014 We Are Also Horses

hoofbeats radio on CFRU 93.3fm, a Magazine show that focuses on personal narrative recordings, interviews with diverse horse-people and other stories and reports on equine culture.  This week we bring you an invitation to the Hoofbeat Challenge at Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre in late September, a feature interview with a psychotherapist that highlights important aspects of body language and enhancing sensory awareness, with horses and people, as well as some other horsey treats.

Riding With The Stars segment:featuring Jess of Sweet Alibi, about how horses and music or horses and romance, DON'T mix for her.

[ ] Jumping Horses Tip with Linda Hauck (re: HRN)
[ ] d Dancer Pony Rescue feature The Newfoundland

In this episode, esteemed hoofbeats radio contributor Sarah Sheard is in discussion with interviewee, Julia Gotz, about Sensory Awareness. This is an excerpt from a longer interview Sarah did as Editor of the in-house zine of OACCPP, a professional therapists' org. That full interview will appear in the forthcoming July issue of Psy. Julia Gotz has an M.A. in counselling psych. and is a certified Gestalt therapist.

In they intro, they mention Julia's upcoming retreat, to be led by her mentor, Lee Lesser, Sensory Awareness practitioner. July 20-24th  The Sensing Retreat,  Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre  For information on this retreat, people can contact Julia Gotz at

Recently I mentioned my horse friend Mickey, on the air, for the very first time. But, I forgot to tell you how handsome he is! He is a 14.3 hand liver chestnut, with a mane that is a little too long. He has also, at age 8, started developing white spots, maybe called birdcatcher spots? This is just like his mother, the Hanoverian mare who also lives on the same property. He is a sales horse, meaning, I gather he's for sale and could leave at any moment - ha, as the challenge I've admitted he is. I do expect him to be sane and sound enough for a mounted group walk, off property, by the end of September. I'm sure he's willing. Do you want to meet him?

Last week, I don't know if I was clear about the fact that I have invited Mickey to join me at the Hoofbeat Challenge - a pledged ride and fundraiser for Sunrise Therapeutic Learning & Riding Centre. It's happening Saturday September 27th, and we have invited CFRU and the hoofbeats radio club members… And, we want to invite you!

Not an active rider, dog walker or pedestrian? Then I invite you to pledge in support of Mickey and me, in our planned attendance. Tax receipts are issued for amounts over $20 for these valuable pledges to Sunrise. We welcome your support! Write to us for more info,

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