Sunday, July 12, 2015

#168 07-12-15 The Diversity of Horseness

In this episode, you will hear #7 of Sarah Sheard's blog, because we lost #6, with lots of slick intro outdo editor assistance from a one time volunteer, Neil.

Zoe and I almost finished a PSA about the hoofbeat Challenge on Sat Sept 27, that also goes to air as it is, once again.

I also felt like playing the Why I Love Horses I made once at the Royal Winter Fair.  I spent some time improving the audio, that turns out to have made it worse.

Did you hear the mobile studio shout out and call for volunteers?

We mention upcoming Pan Am events, and hear a hayfield report from Alex Pangman and then a cowboy poem from Mark Grice...  What else?

It was so fun to play so much Ian Reid music!!!  And I enjoyed the tune recommendation to transition to the most bagpipe friendly show on cfru.  Did you?  And where is the photo?

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