Sunday, August 09, 2015

Musical Hooves Episode

Have you heard the expression the devil made me do it?  Okay okay okay, I know this is a HORSE talk radio show.... and I meant to tell you how I love that a horse walks by in the opening segment of Dan's Space Van, a show I've been watching on the web, and forgot... I was distracted by the next programmer's star trek t-shirt!  hoofbeats radio is a show about horses and other hooved animals anyway, ha ha, so forgive me that it was a purely musical show today.

If you listen back in the archive, you'll hear segments produced at the mobile studio with Jack Long, founder of Long & McQuade and with Brent Rowan, Artist Director of New Horizons Band Guelph.  Of course you will also notice that I Jason Raso's music in our show intro every week...

You will also get to hear some fine, fine music from the Banjo Mechanics, and a promise to rebroadcast the show when the band The Hoofbeats appeared on hoofbeats radio for the first time!


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