Sunday, January 17, 2016

Season 9, Ep 2 "Buyer Beware" #172 01-17-2016 (featuring Dana Louise)

In this episode we hear from practicing lawyer and partner in a law firm Diane Squires, (who specializes in providing business and management advice).  We discuss business and legal issues she sees in the equestrian world, and offer some of  her straightforward (some might say blunt!) practical advice.

"Do what I say not what I do," she laughs, and provides reminders as we discuss her extensive horse history, also touching on different kinds of horse "ownership," the process of buying and selling horses and her recommendations for adequate insurance.

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I'm sorry I didn't properly intro the ONE song we used in this show.  It's by my friend Dana Louise that I met this summer...  I'm sure you'll love her too!

I have been listening to her 2 albums as a drive for hours and hours and hours in a row, back and forth to the barn.  And, that's the theme of the Season 9 Music playlist, so let me know what you think!  And, cross your fingers that I can guest this musician to guest on hoofbeats in a future show, ha.

Also note that to hear the 58min segment that actually went to air, after being edited by Mery from the 59.5 segment posted above, you should check out the cfru archive

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