Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Season 9 Ep 8, Fire Drill #178 02-28-2016 (featuring Jeremy Fisher)

Our live guest today Mae, is concerned about barn fires as they have a older barn attached to a newer section with an indoor arena. They have decided to replace our electric in the older sections. As well they are installing smoke detectors in the heated tack areas and heat detectors in the barn that will be linked to a horn that will sound in case of fire. They do have fire extinguishers at every exit already. Their plan is, once possible, to run several fire drills, and involve boarders and students so that the horses become accustomed to the sound and will be less panicked. They also feel that by repeating these drills that the horses associate this sound with leaving the barn...

Mae told me she thinks fire drills are important for all staff and boarders to think about. She said they are also being more diligent about pest control, and do a night check at the farm that now includes a quick look at all the electric base board heaters to make sure they are all free of anything that may cause a fire.

We thought that is all such wonderful planning, we would initiate a hoofbeats radio interview.

We also play four wonderful tracks from Jeremy Fisher!


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