Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Season 9, Ep 5 Horses Through The Ages # 175 02-07-2016 (featuring Old Man Ludeke and an excerpt from Dan's Space Van)

Our guest in the hoofbeats radio, live to air on CFRU this week is Care Godson. I think of her Dad as one of the big Pony Club examiners of my time. If you are not familiar with Pony Club, I am referring to the International organization that strives to develop competent and knowledgeable young horse persons who combine enjoyment, responsibility, sportsmanship and good citizenship with the pursuit of various equestrian activities. Her mother, has been one of the most important horse/mentors I have ever had in my life. I know she herself, is a studpendous horsewoman, and an amazing rider... And, I recently saw Caroline's completed colouring books in a Facebook photo, so I can't wait to catch up!

We also air a new Pony Daze blog reading, Fall Hacks,  and an excerpt of "Dan's Space Van" where he shares some interesting facts on horse emissions.  It was the best we could come up with for a "Riding with The Stars" segment...

You will hear two tunes from Old Man Ludeke and Chapter 1 from the Flying Changes blog by Sarah Sheard.


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