Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Festival After Party Hoofbeats Show! #195 11-06-2016

Guess who I ran in to at Hillside Festival this summer!

Eleanor Hart is a also a Music Teacher
(check out the Teacher Feature segment that follows this week's 1/2hr episode)
My guest today is Eleanor Hart, the young friend who first introduced me to a 25 novel series called "Heartland," written by Lauren Brooke, long before there was any CBC tv show about it!  I loved in those books, aimed at readers 8-12, how 15 yr old Amy and the staff at Heartland used several alternative treatment methods for helping to heal abused or mistreated horses, including herbs and tinctures and Bach flower essences, as well as psychologically based therapies ~ instead of more traditional training methods ~ to treat the equine ailments, and to help with anxiety and induce calm. Amy also used behavioural techniques to help skittish and troubled horses; for example, the "join-up", and other techniques used by natural horsemanship trainers, as well as massage and acupuncture and T-touch.  In this episode we discuss her involvement with horses and also share
a Pony Daze reading by Kim Logue, music by Dana Louise, a horse of the week segment, and a Riding With Stars Segment recorded on Hallowe'en with Sid Vicious -- aka Sean Dean of the Sadies

Sean Dean recorded with us in Toronto on Hallowe'en
Kathleen Edwards, shopping at Sylph
GreenBelt Harvest Picnic
(All Clothes Become Barn Clothes)

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