Sunday, May 07, 2017

S#11, Ep 208, More Firsts?

Today's show took me exactly 1.25 hours of volunteer time.  Am I dedicated, or what!  How accurate was our log sheet?

I had my bio ready to give anyone that wanted to interview me, but it turns out my horse enthusiast interview guest was way more interested in tech than in talking horse.  And you can tell from the way my song dedication/shout out to my little buddy Lexy went that I can use tech help!

I know the Mike Evin cd I played looks like CFRU property.  But, I swear I found it in the "free" pile on the shelf outside the door at CFRU where "unless your name is Alex Rimmington" you do  not put things!!!!  We also did our best at a one-time hoofbeats recruiting PSA take, despite the flawed draft script provided our talent.

I didn't get a chance to tell you about the horse related DVD's I have out of the library right now.  I also didn't read you any of the articles I've saved lately from magazines.  AND -- I forgot to remind you that Bob-my-horse-pal is for sale.  But I did suggest you just pay movers and a piano tuner and adopt a 100 yr old FREE beautiful piano in good condition... email me for details.  I am pretty sure works ok.

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