Thursday, June 08, 2017

Horses Are Synonymous With Iceland! + a minute with Sarah Jane Scouten

To hear the entire show as it aired today, featuring an accidental "Riding With The Stars" Taping with the delightful and talented Sarah Jane Scouten, when she was in Guelph recently, click the player at the very bottom of the page!  And, thanks for all your help to spread the word about the hoofbeats - Iceland by horse adventure! (especially using the hashtag #horsesoficeland).

To hear about the trek hoofbeats is leaving for later today, listen here:


p.92   Its not surprising that there are many opportunities for riding them. These range from one-hour rides -- also for complete beginners -- to highland tours lasting several weeks, with two horses per rider." I can't wait to start riding and recording in such a beautiful place to hike and watch birds.... check out all the options listed here:  

On our first day, we will be riding along lake Skorradalur, a beautiful route with a very nice view over the lake and the forestry in the valley of Skorradalur. We will leave our horses at a very nice farm and drive back to our summer house, which is only a 30 min drive.

On day two, we will be heading over to the next valley, riding over the ridge between the two valleys, which should give us a great view over Skorradalur and on a clear day we can see the glacier at Snæfellsnes. Again, it is only about 30 min. drive back to the summer house, but we will be having a sandwich before taking a look at one of the old swimming pool located next to the farm where we will leave the horses.

The third day will be spend mostly riding on the banks of the famous salmon river Grímsá. The horses really enjoy the grassy banks of the river and I am sure they will show us all the best gaits they have on the soft terrain. Very close to where we will leave the horses, there is another old pool that we would go to after a quick snack.

On our last day, we will be riding along the glacier river Hvítá and back to Skorradalur. During that day we will have a very nice view of the mountain Skarðsheiði and the beautiful Borgarfjörður. After a light meal in Skorradalur, we will be heading back to Reykjavík.


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