Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fan Mail and Foreshadowing

 Welcome to a hoofbeats episode where we are both foreshadowing the future, and doing some reminiscing!  We tell you about some upcoming Icelandic-centric events and air 20 minutes of unedited raw audio, recorded for the podcast, with Brandon Hall of Ontario Equestrian.
We also share some Fan Mail regarding our Polo Part 2 show: "I'm in India and just listened to it with my parents. We all found it very interesting. Thank you for the excellent interview."  And, some fan Mail regarding a recent visit with Innes Wilson, who is top of the CFRU Folk charts right now!
 "The podcast is accessible to all, even those of us like me who really don’t know horses all that well. I love that tag line about the horses speaking and we need to listen to them. From a radio show perspective, it’s always interesting to me to listen to how other hosts do their shows. I loved your music choices; we too play from CDs and also from our phones—our Media Touch system is completely inaccessible to blind people, so our work around is to plug in our ‘talking’ devices and play from there—when the voice comes on, we refer to her as our ‘third host’ and our audience loves it.  I had to laugh when you said about talking ‘6 miles from the mic.’ We were taught to ‘tether’ our noses to the mic and talk below it.

We also tell you a bit about next week, because we reached out for participation in a "pony club" show for hoofbeats to Pony Club USA and Pony Club UK. Mostly because Pony Club in Canada is not nearly as successful as it is in other places. And actually engagement of youth in horse activities over all is in disastrous decline, in this country. How are things around the world?

It was amazing how both organizations participated and responded in support of hoofbeats instantly!

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