Saturday, November 10, 2018

2018 RYV, Royal Review & Remembrance Day Episode

Welcome to hoofbeats' 2018 RYV, Royal Review & Remembrance Day Episode. On CFRU 93.3fm.

First off, I want to say, I was really grateful for the display from the OVC about the horses of war at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  Was it new?  So appropriate for this time of year, and I'd thought always lacking at the Royal.  Also, I apologize that we did not rebroadcast hoofbeats "War Horse" episode this year, as you might find re-listening to that lecture (recorded on campus) moving and meaningful as I do.

I also want to mention that CFRU has a new donations page:, and
you can pledge for hoofbeats specifically!  Our goal is to ensure the Mobile Community Studio can continue to provide space for marginalized groups around Guelph to tell their stories!  These are things about Community radio are important to me.

By the way, on the topic of Horse Human Relationships - the surveys continue...
1) Did you know that hoofbeats (radio and podcast), provides creative equine events, that help put your discipline, breed or facility on the map for more fans, and revenue and recognition in the community. And, we don't just reach and educate active horse people, we interest the general public in equestrian activity... We have created this survey to do with horse facilities at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2018. But, if you're just finding it here and want to take 3 minutes to help us out, please do!
Did you see the facebook post recently from Dr. Katrina Merkies about a survey on horse-human relationships? They are so important; If you are a non-horse owning horseback rider and 16-99 years of age, please be a part of this exciting project undertaken by a PhD student at the University of Guelph. The survey should only take 15-20 minute of your time. Results will be available
at this link by April 2019.
In this show we take you through a Royal experience, with our portable recorder and collection of newly recruited reporters, and guests! We wore our Equimania ribbon from years gone past just for fun. We like the Rookie Rider activity and earning our ribbon, picking up the Guide for New Equestrians and meeting some horses in the stalls provided by System Fence! Ontario Equestrian is definitely demonstrating the pathway to the podium, and interesting new participants...  you'll want to hear a few of the breed and discipline features we collected too!

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