Sunday, February 17, 2019

Meet the Ontario Veterinary College's Equine Club!

You've already marked Sat Mar 16 on your calendar for College Royal right?  You will want to be at the largest student run Open House in North America! Its worth the trip to Guelph.

In this episode we welcome Lisa and Sara from the Ontario Veterinary College, co-presidents of the Equine Club, which has about 100 members. Yes! They are going to have a presence with a live horse, exam demos and an interactive exhibit. Did you know the OVC has a herd of 8 horses?

We are also in discussion with Natalie who is the Animal Events Director -- reviewing Animal Utilization Protocols, that are approved by the Animal Care Service. It was great she told us two minis are coming in from a local farm to old Mac's new farm, where we can also meet chicks, piglets, and an alpaca!

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