Thursday, September 19, 2019

Another Quick Survey About Horse Jobs

We begin today's show with a brief chat with a University of Guelph BBRM student, who tells us about her horse related summer job at Terre Bleu Lavendar farm, as well as the broader scope of her equine experience.

Then you will hear the first in our series of segments on Employment law, because there is correct way to establish employer-employee relationships with barn help, whether they are casual season staff or full-time employees. The potential costs in the long-term, of misclassifying workers are so significant, that the liability could add up to thousands of dollars, and could literally put your operation out of business, so you'll want to hear some guidelines and best practices. Note that there will be a whole second half hour show dedicated to this very important topic, in the near future, so please listen in to learn the best practices to employ!

You will also hear a new tune from Matt Monoogian, that I found in CFRU's digital library called All Comes Around. He is a multi-instrumentalist I recognize as a player in numerous bands based out of Guelph Ontario (Lowlands, Odd Years, Alanna Gurr). I've heard that his songs are catchy, dark renditions of travel, loss, and heartbreak, and to me, he is best known for the pedal steel guitar.

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