Thursday, January 23, 2020

Be The Change

Today we bring you some quick words about an evidence based approach to training and riding; from Lisa Ashton, MBA and Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship.  Are you considering attending the Happy Athlete Conference in the UK in August?

You will also hear BBRM student Andrea's long awaited segment, inspired by a press release we received from the International Society of Equitation Science, based on findings presented at the 15th annual conference in 2019.

We also bring you a 50 minute recording made on campus recently, at the Pathobiology Building in the OVC.  Next time we will get there in time to put the recorder on the podium, instead of just having it in the front row! The content of Dr. Kendra Coulter's presentation "Continuity and Change in Animal Protection, Work and Policy" is really worth a listen!

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