Thursday, February 20, 2020

Nervous, or No? Horses Know...

 In today's radio broadcast we aired Blue Flowers, from a Shannon Lyon video shot on location @ Centro Equestre La Luz.  There are three horses loose in a pen, as our songwriter sits in the centre on a wooden stool.  "I am nervous most of my life" he sings.  But he doesn't look it, even though at one point he runs towards the camera, and away from the horses, who are chasing each other very close to him. Check it out here.

We also played this one minute clip, which Shannon mentioned when we asked him about his experience with horses for our Riding With the Stars segment.  I love the bird sounds as well the musician's song. Is this dark horse the same breed as the others?  A big cuddly gelding, really cute, getting to Shannon's space looking for affection.   By the way, the other equines in the music video weren't actually stallions right? Its just that he knew they were male that made him think they were stallions? I think the tune is Pleasing You Pleases Me.  And I think its a perfect message for horse lovers to enjoy!  We also think you'll enjoy this video, so check it out!

Our horse of the week, is a lovely Hanoverian mare we have been a fan of for a long time.  Bella Luna is for sale, and we hope she stays local.  Would you like to meet her? You can find out more about her here.

The co-host dj who visited that morning, chose some amazing local music. Give a listen to some great local talent!

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