Monday, June 01, 2020

A Pandemic Journal from hoofbeats radio

For our herd, even without access to the usual live to air studio, previously recorded audio, and the other resources at the University of Guelph’s radio station, the small but mighty hoofbeats team is proud to have continued to contribute to the required, new, local, spoken word content for University of Guelph Campus and Community CFRU Radio airwaves. Fresh local content is mandated by the CRTC, and maintains the licence to broadcast. We’ve recorded on zoom, apps on the phone, and recorded voice memos. We’ve learned how to do all sorts of audio editing at home and we look forward to improving our techniques further. Its all taken longer than it normally would, and you might have noticed the difference in the audio quality, but we know you understand. We know your workload has changed so much as well, with so many other concerns and losses and stresses to deal with.

We did want to let you know that recently we aired a segment with the Welfare and Education Centre at the Donkey Sanctuary (as pictured). If you have the time, you could give a listen. And, we shared an interview with Carol Fleming, daughter of an Appaloosa breeder and amazing horseman who grew up training wild mustangs in Wyoming, before moving to Canada and managing a cattle ranch.

Coming soon, we thought it would be fun to help you listen to when Secretariat won the Derby. And, we have a lovely musical mounted adventure to share from American musician Julia Douglas, that features the beautiful soundscape of a herd of Icelandic horses in motion, called “Slow Down Julia”. We’ve also decided to rebroadcast a few favourite interviews of the past. You will want to hear our conversation with Dr. Katrina Merkies, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, the first time she guested. And, as you are trying to move forward in our new landscape and possibly trying to re-establish or re-invent an equine business, the interview on youth engagement, where a 12yr old is in candid conversation with a 17 yr old, about what they think would entice their non-equine friends to join the herd, might be of interest to you. You can always find out the latest at
Other impending changes will see Kim Logue, the founder of hoofbeats radio, pivot from producer and on-air host of the radio shows, to a columnist/contributor and voice of a fictional character. “I’m super excited to see other participants to the show take on more leadership and visibility, with recorded interviews and segments, as well as hosting and voicing transitions. And, I’m looking forward to getting creative, and with delving into the sound design. With music to evoke feeling and soundscapes that create atmosphere."

Meanwhile the weekly hour on the radio will continue to provide an all interest, all access, all age equestrian show - for closet enthusiast to full fledged professional. And please remember, we want to learn about your equine actives, breeds, sports and situations right now. We want to hear your perspectives and report on things as you see and experience them. And to learn from your experience as well. So, please drop a line to

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