Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Throw Me Onto The Compost Pile episode - hoofbeats 2nd last show!!

This episode features more orginal fiction, including a lovely song snippet sung around a campfire. Of course the tune is about death, as the character AJ is preparing to discuss the nearly 50,000 working horses across the country, that ran out of food and money about a month ago. They face sector classification and program eligibility challenges that she wonders if her local MPP is working on.

There is a small segment with a local memoir consultant, who is interested in working with horse people who want to document parts of their life story. For Real!

The feature interview was conducted by Amanda St. Onge, BBRM student, with Peter Ayranto, the University of Guelph's farrier. He talked about procedures and precautions he's been taking during the pandemic and what he would like to see more of. We talked about the positive impact of the pandemic in barns or otherwise, and we talked about whether the university should offer some sort of farrier course.

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