Tuesday, November 06, 2007

S1, Ep 2 Ask Dr. Paula #2-12-09-2007

The guest Dr. Paula Dupuy, TROY Veterinary Service (companion animal & Equine Mobile Services). We met when I began to teach her daughter Isabel some riding lessons.

The questions I had in mind for this guest included what is your background with horses? How much do you currently ride? What aspirations do you/she have re: daughter's riding career? What do you think horses want us to know? What did you look for when choosing a lesson stable for your daughter?

Since this hoofbeats radio episode originally aired The Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation has been established; Begun in March of 2011, it is dedicated to the memory of Isabel Dupuy, a talented young horsewoman, determined to one day establish a pony rescue on her farm. When she died at only eleven years of age she left a strong legacy in her dreams to help ponies and make the world a better place.

I encourage you to find out what Wind Dancer pony rescue does, why it exists, and how you can help at WindDancerPonies.org

In this show we also introduce the regular columns Ask Equine Guelph and Horse of The Week, and air a wonderful segment sent in about the Royal Winter Fair that is comes around every November.  The music features Pete Seeger and Guelph's own The Hoofbeats.

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