Friday, February 29, 2008

#14 03-02-2008 Myrddin Moments

[ ] intro & song (track 1 -4:25)
[ ] horse history(track 2 - 6:25)
[ ] weather, button box stuff - including stn identification?

[ ] may/june 2007 horse canada/horse power "the horse's mouth" list poem, by a writer age 13, dedicated to all the horse-crazy girls who can't be bothered with the mall but would rather be down in the dirt with their best friend the horse...
the horse crazy girl
-plays with model horses instead of barbie dolls
-prefers black beauty and spirit over cinderalla and beauty and the beast
-plays count the horses, instead of count how many cars go by on road trips
-has a room covered in horse posters instead of hilary duff pictures

[ ] introduce margie godson, my mentor since i was that age...
It is not just anywhere in North American you can find a facility suitable for a competitive event rider, and Myrddin ranks high among the gems unique to Ontario. First of all, its harder to learn to jump a ditch if you don't have a ditch, and Myrddin offers a collection of foreboding challenges in its wide variety of cross country obstacles over 50 acres of diverse terrain. But, even more importantly, to learn how to survive and even enjoy these things you also need a Margie.

She will meet you at the finish of good rounds or bad, and she will demand that you calmly proceed with things that terrify you, although these are things within your scope -- and that is how you will accomplish things you never even knew to imagine you could do.

She is a calm inspirational rider, and horse trainer, as well as an amazing teacher. She demonstrates firm, kind and consistent treatment of horses, while also insisting on therapeutically-correct-alignment of both horse and bodies of riders.

She has a great understanding of biology and physiology both human and equine. In addition to which she is a magical match maker, perhaps from her chemistry background? She has an uncanny knack of pairing suitable equine and rider partners to create positive synergies.
[ ] play interview track (track 3 - 6:37)


[ ] Myrddin offers instruction to all levels in a professional environment, run by nationally certified Event Coach III, who has Master certificates from Potomac Horse Centre in Maryland, as well as her Pony Club "A". For the competitive event rider Myrddin attend trials regularly and offer a full service training facility: a 80X220 all weather sand ring, a full course of hunter/jumper fences, and acres of flat land, hills and woodlands and a cross country course, with steps, coffin, ditch, oxers, palisade, steeple chase, table, bank, roll tops, jumps in and out of the stadium ring, and smaller inviting fences for green horses. Myrddin also offers a 60x160 indoor arena with mirrors, windows and some heating for the depths of winter
i.e. description of current myrddin facility, where interview & recordings took place, including excerpts from her lectures to young beginners, to those studying for rider level 7+ (1:41)
[ ] equine events calendar (4:17)
[ ] let play more conversation with margie - changes in the sport of eventing (4:54)
[ ] horse of the week (3:43)
[ ] stewball song (3:11)

[ ] more coversation with margie - the sport/industry at large (5:00)
[ ] news (8:12)
[ ] billy don't be a hero song (4:03)
[ ] credits/thanks: rick rhodes, steve mason, tyrone whiston, and of course our esteemed longstanding hoofbeats! heartwarmer, jessica miller
[ ] quote of the week?

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