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#18 03-30-2008 Dressage Mentor/Manestay

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Camilla Giffen is the head coach at Manestay Equestrian Centre. I met Camilla in March 2007 at an instructor evaluation course run by the OEF, and proceeded to spend 9 months teaching under Camilla's direction, in order to complete the Instructor Certification program. Today on Hoofbeats! I am in discussion with said guru.

Dressage is considered the Ballet of the horse world. Presenting grace, harmony, beauty, rhythm and relaxation to the audience is an achievement in art and athleticism requiring years of development and dedication for both horse and rider. A favourite dressage competition is the Kur, or musical freestyle, where horse and rider exhibit personal style and artistry, through choreographed movements to music.

Kurs can be performed singly,
in pairs (a Pas de Deux),
in a group of four (a Quadrille)
or in demonstration groups (a musical ride).

I recorded a demonstration by Jacqueline Brooks from Mount Albert, Ontario -- the winner of the Dressage Canada Grand Prix Freestyle Championships at the Royal Winter Fair in November 2007, and now want to share a small excerpt from my audio diary, and then ask Camilla Giffen some more Dressage questions

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What follows is an interview by our 12 yr old reporter Nikky, with Katharine Schmidt, owner of Manestay Equestrian Centre. Their website shows a board rate of $790 a month and prices for classes range from $35 to $60 depending on the length of the lesson and whether you choose group or private opportunities. The site doesn't specify how many acres of pasture land or hacking land but
they offer a safe, clean environment (the places for brooms and pitchforks are labelled!)
new well ventilated stable
rubber mat flooring in stalls
regular turn-out with new fencing
individual feeding program
access to indoor arena during pre-posted hours
space for two blankets and tack in the tack room (with additional storage space available)
blanketing horse when appropriate

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1st, trail courtesy tips for pedestrians, cyclists etc.
from the
use the 3 c's
Common Sense
- calmly speak to the rider, to make your presence known from a distance
- if you are unsure of what to do in any situation concerning a horse, ask the rider

Faith Dente presented "roads & trails tips" at the Ontario Equestrian Federation annual conference in late November. I found her presentation very insightful and inspiring and would like to share some of her talk.

[ ] kim to conclude and share tipscross roads abreast, all together, simultaneously. ideally riding in a single file with everyone turning at once in a long straight stretch of road where oncoming motorists can see the horses and slow down.

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Horse Life - Wes Equestrian Centre

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