Saturday, March 01, 2008

#16 03-16-2008 Pocket Pegasus

[ ] promo (30 sec)
[ ] ca va song (4:22)
[ ] climate change/weather report, show preview, guest intro
Susan Stafford was bitten by the horse bug at an early age, finally realizing her dream of horse ownership in her early twenties. As often happens, one horse led to two and then three and eventually, a stable full of hunter/jumpers, event horses, broodmares, foals and even a thoroughbred racehorse (albeit a slow one). A graphic designer "by day", she has been the managing editor of Horsepower Magazine for 20 years, helping otherhorse-crazy kids satisfy their hunger for all things equine.

Susan has three grown children and lives on the shores of Lake Erie with herhusband, Ross, a professional musician. Her first children's fantasy novel,"Pocket Pegasus: Flash and the Turtle Creek Triad" is being published thissummer by Breakwater Books Ltd.

[ ] discussion with guest
Q. tell us the name of the book?

Q. tell us about the music/track just played that you provided
Q. tell us about the magazine(s) -subscription giveaway challenge 5 trivia questions from the latest issue ofHorsepower, as the answers have not been published yet. PLEASE E-MAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO
Q. tell us about your role, describe day to day, what skills are required etc.[ ] news (6:20)
[ ] hors-tory, episode 5 (6:04)
[ ] discussion with guest
Q. have you ever hunted? more about background with horses, favourites/memories etc.

Q. current involvement with horses, where kept etc.[ ] Ask Equine Guelph (2:23, location of run in shed)
[ ] horse of the week segment (7:15)
[ ] button box stuff
[?} equine events calendar? (4:30)
[ ] discussion with guest
Q. so tell us about your book, process as a writer etc.
[?] jenn grant song? 4:01
[ ] preview upcoming shows mar 23/30, drones & tones etc.
[ ] credits/thanks: jessica miller, dallas new, rick rhodes, and new voices stevepurves and jameskritz...

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