Saturday, March 01, 2008

Horses Forever

Humans from all over the world have loved horses for all of recorded history. We painted our cave dwellings with pictures of them, used them to travel across entire continents and relied on them as partners in battle. We have used them to run to bring help when desperately needed, and for hunting, hauling and logging... From pit ponies, to plough hitches horses have been useful on ranches, and on farms, and as transportation. If you factor in the fun of the circus, ceremonies, policing and other special jobs you're sure to believe the horse may continue as one of man's most helpful friends forever.

In today's world, whether you own a horse, ride one, drive one, or just watch them when you can, we bet you know what it means to be crazy about horses. Horses Forever is our regular feature that celebrate this timeless bond between humans of all races and their horses, by sharing research on a different breed of horse from around the world in each report.

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