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#29 06-22-08 The Return of OHHA

[ ] promo/description (30 +38 sec)
[ ] Grand River Feature -Standardbred Showcase, (15:00 min)
[ ] show overview and climate change report
[ ] guest intros/welcome: John Walzak, Chief Operating Officer, OHHA
An association of owners, trainers, and drivers of Standardbred horses.
With the purpose to represent Ontario harness horsePEOPLE in negotiations of purses, racing conditions, and all matters affecting the industry as a whole. With the tracks, Standardbred Canada, the Ontario Racing Commission, and the Provincial and Federal governments. discussion with guest:

[ ] Q. A recent gallup poll indicates that almost 4/10 support a ban on horse/dog racing. How closely does this tie into stats related to racing, racing as a tourist event etc? What else can you tell us about public opinion towards racing?

?? [ ] Get -- Hilary, live or recorded?
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[ ] Q. Can you speak to why we see so many catastrophic equine injuries in racing?
Gender, age, and drug issues, bone pathology, conditioning, and microfractures; Breeding dilemmas: speed vs. soundness;

The Associated Press May 24 2008, Article # 11932
[ ] A congressional subcommittee demanded information from state racing commissions about racehorse injuries, drug use, and breeding. The same panel that previously investigated steriod use in baseball cited concerns that "leading officials in the sport" have failed to tackle long-standing concerns over the welfare of the horse
i.e. after the breakdown of the filly Eight Belles in the Kentucky Derby - source
Q. Can you tell us anything about what the industries are doing? track surfaces

[ ] news
Kim to provide details from Safety Summit re: Eventing

[ ] Earlier this month many people saw a CBC story about horse slaughter. "With slaughterhouses closed in the U.S. in 2006, Canada's 7 are home to a growing industry. Undercover video exposed some disturbing methods." I also know of reports of terrible conditions while these "death row" horses are being transported.
Q. Is this negative publicity that relates to the Harness Racing industry?

"Any slaughter, whether it's of cattle or horses, needs to be done properly, not banned, said Shanyn Silinski, executive director of the Manitoba Farm Animal Council.
"Do we want to be in a situation like the U.S. where they're turning them loose in public lands to have them starve to death or be killed by predators?" she asked. "That doesn't seem like a very humane end." -- source
?? [ ] OSAS segment!!! (5:00 min)
?? [ ] Standardbred Showcase announcement (3:00min)

Q. last time you were here i understood that some horsepeople have expressed concern over the profits from the slots not being reinvested into racing. does that mean a declining number of race dates and locations?
what can you tell us about the future of slots/horses and racetracks?
[ ] more from Letters/Questions

[ ] show previews: The President of the OEF will be here June 29, and the following week hoofbeats will be in conversation with Hans Hollenbach on dressage, classic training methods including groundwork.
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