Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#27 06-08-2008 Farrier Phone In Day

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[ ] horse tale from hilary (2:35)
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[ ] climate change report
[ ] guest introduction
Chantelle Barrett is a Natural Barefoot Trimmer, who contends that all horses are born with a set of healthy feet - she likes to restore and show people what Mother Nature has graced our horses with. She asks "Why strap constricting steel on their feet and damage all the internal mechanisms that take place?"
[ ] conventional farrier call in invitation 519-837-2378
[ ] discussion with guest
Q. tell us a bit about your background with horses and your training
Q. tell us about the natural barefoot trim
Q. can every horse go barefoot?
Q. should we talk about my old man horse friend? horses should not have a cleft in their frog? the licking and chewing vs. reduced shaking from pain/arthritis; what is proper point of contact?
[ ] a word from Chester Weber, one of the top ten drivers internationally (track 3, 58 sec)
[ ] horse jobs (track 4, 3:26)
[ ] song, the roan mare, ian tyson (track 5, 3:44)
[ ] standardbred showcase (track 6, 1:26)
[ ] live news read
1) Who says 25 is a reasonable life expectancy of a horse?
a 37-year-old Half-Arabian gelding, recently completed a Trail Ride finishing in sixth place and bringing his lifetime mileage total to 20,360.
2) Who says athletes get younger every year?
i notice the AGES of people competing at the high levels of my sport. its ENCOURAGING and inspirational, check out this list: Or consider 67-year-old equestrian Hiroshi Hoketsu. 44 years after he finished in 40th place at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese horseman is competing as a member of his country's dressage team. source:
[ ] more discussion with guest
Q. caring for farriers: what does the blacksmith want the horse owner to think about?

Q. how to select a farrier/what to look for etc.

Q. let's talk hoof care products
hoof flex, venice turpentine, cornucresen, sugar and iodine

Q. what about bill C-51

[ ] credits/thanks: the houseplants, jessica, nikky, hilary, chantelle
[ ] preview of father's day topics? and guests for the rest of june
[ ] stream to bbc for 5 min before next CFRU show

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