Thursday, May 01, 2008

NCRA Radio Awards of Excellence entry

Nikky's First Show
Aired: Jan 20, 2008 on CFRU 93.3, 1hr
Equine Sport Focused, Magazine Style Show

Ontario's Horse Talk Radio -- for full fledged equine professionals or closet horse enthusiasts! With an exciting expert guest interview each week, and regular features including: Ask Equine Guelph, Horse News, Western Round Up, Equine Events Listings, Standardbred Showcase, Hors-tory, HorseLife and Horse of the Week stories submitted by listeners to

This 10 minute excerpt includes the voice of our CFRU tech guru as the only male! It is drawn from the program that marks the invention of Horsin' Around, a regular feature from Hoofbeats! now-13yr-old reporter. We met Nikky through a Horse of the Week submission from her mom, Heather. E-mail for a full show mp3, to learn how to groom a horse and the different paces of horses...

Producer bio:

Jessica sat on a horse at 2 for "love at first ride." A full-fledged 'barn-rat' at 7 - mucking stalls/mooching rides constantly, she e v e n t u a l l y switched focus and graduated from Seneca in Broadcast Journalism. She works at MuchMusic, and gets a hands-on horse-fix as an occasional braider.

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