Monday, May 05, 2008

NCRA Radio Awards of Excellence Entry

Teacher Knows Best?
Aired: March 2, 2008 on CFRU 93.3, 1hr
Equine Sport Focused, Magazine Style Show

This 10 minute interview is drawn from the very first recordings the host Kim Logue ever made for Hoofbeats! When she was locked out of the studio she had booked for important phone interviews, she went to see an important mentor face to face -- to ask about changes in the sport and industry, and support the Horse-Talk show proposal for CFRU, 93.3fm.

Thank goodness for the Digital Voice Recorder in our reporter's pocket! The mentor concludes the interview in a jovial, conspiratorial whisper, leaning in to reveal what the future holds (since Hoofbeats! asked her). E-mail to obtain full show mp3.

Ontario's Horse Talk Radio -- for full fledged equine professionals or closet horse enthusiasts! With an exciting expert guest interview each week, and regular features including: Hors-tory, Ask Equine Guelph, Horse News, Western Round Up, Equine Events Listings, Standardbred Showcase, HorseLife and Horse of the Week stories submitted by listeners.

Producer bio:
Kim has turned her devotion to horses into a driving force for Hoofbeats! radio. Our producer/host is a Certified instructor who loves choreographing musical ride movements. She will provide unmounted horse-riding lessons at Hillside Community Festival in Guelph this summer. She also continues to write for many horsey publications.

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