Saturday, July 19, 2008

#34 07-20-2008 Superstitious?

In this episode, we have some fun -- and discuss odd beliefs involving horses!  We play music from Justin Rutledge, and a horse jobs posting....

We also mention that riding has aerobic and muscle conditioning benefits. New riders find that over time their posture improves, as do reflexes, coordination, flexibility and balance. And, grooming and tacking up a horse burn more calories than all that. There are also emotional and mental health benefits - horse riding is known to enrich people's lives, empowering them to overcome fears, try new things and achieve goals -- with inspirational animals as facilitators!  Also consider the active focus on nature, and farm life. And, the sense of achievement derived from the caring of animals and surroundings.

We also mention what David O'Connor said at the recent eventing safety summit
"Realize the responsibility you have when you get on, your horse is the ultimate responsibility,"
i even think that about the horses i teach with. and one of my important mentors, margie godson does too. i remember her asking me to clarify details about a potential student once, as we were discussing horse suitability, "well 250 can ride heavy, or 250 can ride light." she said. To quote experts in Equine Sports Medicine "a horse performs better with a physically fit rider who controls his or her positioning. A tired, unfit {or NOVICE} rider's lack of balance or unpredictable movement disrupts a horse's rhythm and balance, and it requires the horse to use more energy."  Do you think being physically fit is not emphasized much outside of thoroughbred racing and eventing? We encourage listeners to tune in next week to hear what international combined driving champion Chester Weber said about his efforts to be fit.

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