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#37 08-10-2008 Variety Show

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[ ] Q for mark re: Western as a Discipline/Reining
USEF names stewards for FEI Disciplines
Driving, Endurance, Dressage, Eventing, Reining, Show Jumping, Vaulting

[ ] intro to chester part 1
today on hoofbeats! we'll been listening to Chester Weber in conversation - Growing up on one of the leading breeding farms for thoroughbred racehorses, Weber's attention was drawn away from the saddle by carriage pulling Clydesdales. Then he took up combined driving. After a successful stint in driving pairs, Weber advanced to four in hand. Here's how he describes his background...
[ ] chester weber part one (3:??)

[ ] live events read, includes sport description

[ ] variety show = OEF helmet survey clip (1:50)
[ ] friends of mine at another show, aids with ali and sam clip (2:00)
Q. for mark, what do you do in Western?

[ ] intro to part 2?
Annually, Weber hosts one of the nation's largest carriage driving competitions, which draws immense crowds from around the world to Live Oaks famed landscape. In the competitive world of international combined driving, Chester Weber is one of the best. He was the youngest driver to win at the USET National Championships, as well as the youngest driver ever named to the team. In more recent years, he is known for his victories with four in hand. I spoke to him as he was setting off to compete in Europe...
[ ] conclusion re: Chester Weber, mention The Horse Show and recent news

[ ] news hit #1
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[ ] news 3
[ ] usef says it well. plea for feedback...

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