Thursday, August 07, 2008

#38 08-17-2008 Cop Talk

This week on hoofbeats! Hilary is your host.... our regular host is away at a Guelph Speaks fundraiser (bird watching with mom in the arboretum)

In this edition we hear from one hoofbeats reporter who busts a cop for not wearing a helmet and another hoofbeats reporter who essentially stalked a police officer in order to record their chat, as well as footage collected at the Equimania area of the 2007 Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.
[ ] mention whatever recurring features we have coming up

[ ] song? i think the jenn grant "dreamer" song is cool. its in our folder and you could mention the cbc show called heartland (that its the theme song for) starts up again october 5

[ ] equine event listings
[ ] guelph speaks launch mention?
[ ] news,
incl neat resource found on oef website
When looking for a place to rode
Are the horses healthy, friendly, appropriately aged and appropriately trained for the level of riders?OEF Horse Facility Council members are required to ensure that riders are permitted only on horses known to be safe, sound and schooled for the purpose intended, regardless of the rider’s ability. No stallions, horses under five years of age, sick, lame or completely blind horses should be used by anyone participating in lessons or trail rides. -- source

oef reminder

[ ] ?? i.e. there's probably a horse jobs coming or one that we can rebroadcast
[ ] is there a standardbred showcase?

[ ] air the impromptu footage collected ? (reordered and signifcantly edited with audacity?)
[ ] reference Bosco in pic from 1st week kl moved to guelph??

[ ] offer to give away colouring page/story book, mounted officer collector cards as prize for some kind of triva question of the day? e-mail answer

[ ] discuss research "assault to police" Brigadeer etc. ??

[ ] edit arlene interview footage 06 Royal (42:00 on cd)

[ ] interviews from 07 Royal (3:38, 6:??)

[ ] repeat HorsN around from Fergus, re: RCMP Musical Ride (2:00ish)

[ ] credits/thanks/show recap, next show previews
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