Saturday, September 27, 2008

#44 09-28-2008 Steeds, Good Deeds etc.

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[ ] In this episode we will touch base with Nikki from Myrddin, who wanted to bring us news of recent events. We will also have an interview with Troy Tinker, the mc of the White Lippizaner Stallion show. We have a breed of the week feature on the Lippizaner, some great new music from Rae Spoon, an Ask Equine Guelph question about Emergency Planning and other news and events.

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[ ] if I lost my horses song (3:00ish?)
[ ] ask Equine Guelph Q (2:30)

Q. for Guest in studio
[ ] Myrddin results/plans etc. (5:00)
Wit's End chatter

other events to mention

Contributor Segments
[ ] horseNaround (2:30)
[ ] Troy Tinker Interview (17:20)

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[ ] show preview for next week (Hilary is hosting, and incl. Standardbred Showcase report). We are also soon to air an interview with Susan Stafford, who's new book The Pocket Pegasus is coming out October 13. She talks to us about her process as a writer, and what's she's learned about getting published.
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That's it for this edition of hoofbeats. Thanks to the White Stallion Show, and Nikki-Monster from Myrddin Stables as our interview guests.

Our contributors for this show are Dallas, Emery, Nikky Grobbo, James, Steve, and Shelley is our newest volunteer -- hopefully a bi-weekly tech intern. whoo hoo!

Special thanks to Peter Bradley for pointing out the cool Rae Spoon track to me earlier this week.

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