Monday, November 24, 2008

#52 11-30-2008 Anniversary Episode

[ ] please consider singing along with tannis's CFRU stn id psa from com 1. listen to the intro/show promo, so as to make you own after the show...

[ ] music, up to 25 minutes
Just wanted to let you know that there is a fantastic new country album in by Ian Tyson. It is on Stony Plain, Corb Lund's record label. I don't know if any of the songs are about horses, but its a great album and all of the pictures in the liner notes are of Ian Tyson chilling with his horse.
It is #10642 in the new releases library.
[ ] hoofbeats! has never missed a show in its one year history. we were pre-empted once, and once got a drones and tones fill in. we didn't even rely on our elves last holiday season, we were here, fumbling our way to new skills and abilities. while promoting our love of horses!
[ ] please do a zazu book giveaway

[ ] please do a manoravon lecture spot giveway

[ ] please do a commercial for volunteers for hoofbeats. there are tech jobs and marketing jobs listed on our fb group page. there is also news of an event, at CFRU, following the show where new recruits would be welcome. come on down!

[ ] i always like the rae spoon if i lost my horses along with the Ask Equine Guelph Q. about id-ing horses

] Blue, Justin McDonald
mention Dave Joseph's gig

[ ] show preview for next week
[ ] show preview for next show on cfru's schedule
[ ] credits/thanks:
That's it for this edition of hoofbeats.
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please consider singing over the extro
[ ] happy trails (2:35?)

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