Thursday, November 27, 2008

EC Media of the Year, Nominee's Bio

Kim Logue has made exceptional effort to provide a voice to the equestrian community and to enhance the image of equestrian interests to the public, with the launch of hoofbeats! radio, a Horse Talk Show produced at the University of Guelph.

"I launched it as a way to develop new media skills without paying $15,000 in Connestoga College tuition. And I chose equine subject matter because I wanted to fit the NCRA station's mandate and needed a topic where I felt like an authority" Logue explains.

Kim Logue, hoofbeats! radio's producer/founder/frequent host is an EC Certified Instructor who especially loves choreographing musical ride movements. She is currently the Saddle Club and Camp Director at Manoravon Farms (New Forest Pony Breeders) in Guelph Ontario.

She started riding at 9, owned her own horse as a teenager, and evented with a Corporate Sponsorship in the 90's. She has mounted the Equine Star of Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, ridden scenic routes in Florida for a former coach of the Canadian Equestrian Team, and jogged a filly hitched to harness-racing cart. She also surprised an elk in the woods of Alberta her first time in a Western saddle! She looks forward to driving, overnight trail rides and hopes to someday ride a Kur. She will also see more Combined Driving in the upcoming season. She has presented at Toronto's Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for Equine Guelph, written for many horsey publications, and uses her devotion to horses as a driving force for!

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EquiMania! with Dr. Susan Raymond, Equine Guelph

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