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new hoofbeats! 01-04-2009

[ ] We have been away from CFMU since Dec 21. This is our second 2 hour episode from Hamilton and our second from Guelph. It is our first time being simulcast from both at once - finally!! whoo hoo etc.

As you may know by now, we will focus on our youngest horse enthusiasts for the first hour
Great Lake Swimmers
[ ] c u on the moon (music track) 4:10

[ ] why i love horses 1 reel 6:19
[ ] explanation of audio mash

[ ] show description: welcome with phone number to call in 905-528-9888 or 519-837-2378 in Guelph. you can also e-mail: or, post something for at the group. soon we will have a group on facebook

[ ] what is zazu giveaway
children under 5 board book with humourous illustrations and rhyming text
To celebrate the launch of Horse Crazy, our new segment especially for younger horse lovers, we are giving away a beautifully illustrated book to lucky families. Once-Local artist/author Kim Smerek iluustrated and also wrote this rhyming board publication for the very, very young, about her favourite animal friend. Maybe you've seen it for sale at Macondo books downtown Guelph?What is Zazu is children's board book for ages 0-5, with rhyming text and colourful, humourous illustrations. A great read aloud.Anyway, write our horse talk radio show and guess what kind of animal! We want you to win one!

skip: [ ] kid tip 1:09
[ ] horse crazy (cowboy poetry track) 2:31

[ ] horse of the week - dakota, 2:47

[ ] nikky bio, :34
[ ] Penny Wheat interview, 5:25

talk over
[ ] cowboy song (music track) 2:00

[ ] breed report - Paso Fino 4:04
[ ] kid memory :35
[ ] dreamer (music track)
[ ] psa's/ads (2 min?)

New 1st hour for Horse Crazy Kids:
HorseNAround, Breed Profile, Pony Daze, Safety Scavenger Hunt Checklists
brought to you by: Sponsorships Available

2nd hour in its 2nd year Currently Seeking
Sponsors Editors, Marketers, Hosts, Tech Help and Reporters forHorse/Rider Profiles, Horse Health Care, Products, Coaches Corner, Celebrity Corral, Horse, Ask Equine Guelph, Vet's Round Table, Weekly Featured Interview
Also Currently Seeking Ideas for Kids Columns and Kid Contributors!

La Luma has:- a high priority on education- a warm and friendly atmosphere- a professional environment, focused on your needs and fulfilment Also:- we use Eufora's aloe vera based, petrochemical-free professional products - gift certificates are available for the holiday season- we're taking models for professional training -- call and ask for Bianca Phone is 519.824.0999 - located conveniently downtown at 11 Macdonell, across form the Mercury.

[ ] rural agricultural landscape report

[ ] Manoravon Jan 11th Scavenger Hunt Event Giveway
[ ] trouble in the fields, Chapmans
[ ] interview about hunts with Les Vandor, 18:20
[ ] hors-story, field hunting 6:03
[ ] Needle in Haystack (music track) 2:30
[ ] Ask EG - complaints, 3:06

[ ] horse jobs?
[ ] news items
USEF Media of the Year
[ ] note that we try and post sources of our news etc. on our blog, found off the CFRU.CA schedule page

[ ] happy trails outro

[ ] show previews
karen briggs, beaverwood driving champion, vets round table, why i love horses reels etc. etc.

[ ] show preview for next show on each stn's schedule

[ ] credits/thanks:

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