Friday, February 20, 2009

First Aid Kits, Fiction and More!

broadcast date: Sunday Feb 22
CFMU: Kim, Caroline CFRU: Hilary

[ ] 1. See You On The Moon, Great Lake Swimmers, theme song 4:02
[ ] 2. Horse Crazy, Cowboy Poem by controversial cowboy contributor, 2:34
[ ] Thanks to Mark Grice, mention HOSSTYLE STUDIO & GALLERY located in the historic Alton Mill in Alton, Ontario. The Mill to be the home to dozens of artist studios and galleries and also features an amazing jewelry store. HOSSTYLE features the artwork of Mark Grice and also includes his painting studio which is open to the public. Find the fb group for more info

[ ] 3. Ask Equine Guelph, identity 2:00ish
[ ] thanks to Dallas and to EG for all their support , mention meetings while volunteering at the royal etc

"the fountain's got four drinking holes, one for the tall, one for the short
one for the dog, one for the horse..."
[ ] "Main St" from Straight Line 3:00 ish.

[ ] 4. HorseNAround, The Paint 2:30
[ ] hoofbeats! radio has been in the news again! Did you see the current Blaze Magazine?
Thanks to Nikky for all her contributions. Thanks to Hilary for hosting today in G-town, for getting us lots of outside press coverage and for all her reports and on-air hosting!

[ ] 5. Horse of the Week, 2:29

[ ] Kim to read Learning to Trust, fiction

[ ] 6. Jessica's bio + Horse Facts report

[ ] Caroline to read part of Chapter 2 from Pocket Pegasus

9:00 am

[ ] 7. Bronwyn's Report (3:00min?)
bio notes: recently completed her PHd and continues to develop programs and projects in the Equine Industry in Ontario, teaching undergrad courses at Guelph in natural resources management department.

[ ] Caroline's First Aid Kit Tips

MacLeod Equine Services Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Omega Alpha line of herbal nutritional supplements for horses and the Back On Track line of therapeutic garments. With over 200 dealers within our coast to coast sales network, MacLeod Equine provides health advice and unique products in all equine disciplines. We are currently seeking a qualified individual for the position of office manager in our Halifax, Nova Scotia office.
MacLeod Equine offers a competitive renumeration package and an ideal work environment in a rapidly growing market segment. If you have the necessary skills and training are interested in joining our growing organization please forward a copy your resume along with a covering letter to Scott MacLeod This job posting is brought to you by

[ ] creation of new horse lovers as a reason to keep the show going

[ ] hoofbeats track
[ ] jenn grant track/ University centre appearance deets?

[ ] :38 Akaash intro: arms conflict resolution work and i love how he talks about us as the most ethical of athletes, guardians of a tradition
[ ] apology for quality, explain AGM - other voices percheron guy and pony club lady
[ ] chauvanism = excessive or blind patritosm, undue partiality
[ ] chivalry = 5: protection of the weak and generous treatment of foes
[ ] 13:31 Akaash Maharaj

A. Community Radio generally (CFRU's website specifically) indicates a desire to draw on a variety of skills and perspectives that communities have to offer, in order to create quality programming and to better serve the community, especially underrepresented voices!
B. CFRU claims to recognize the essential contribution of volunteers, and support them in their efforts to express themselves through radio.
C. CFRU expresses a committment to offer the adequate and continuing training of all volunteers and for supporting and furthering community talent.

Mentioned to allude to structure vs. intention issues that we will hear about in the inspirational footage of the CEO of Equine Canada's speech

held over:
[ ] air 16:26 podcast Equinely-Inclined

[ ] Happy Trails Outro, 2:34

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