Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb 14 Farewell show

i couldn't arrange CFRU coverage of the simulcast of our kid's hour broadcast Feb 15. it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet though, thanks to these kid co-hosts at CFMU in Hamilton!

[ ] See You On The Moon, Great Lake Swimmers Track 4:10
[ ] Horse Crazy - Cowboy poem

[ ] Sunday Feb 15, we are broadcasting live from CFMU; Today is our last time as a two hour show, and so it will probably be our last musical hoofbeats! radio show. Before we expanded and launched Horse Crazy, we never had time for any music and we are going back to being a one hour show. So we will be having a music celebration today! I have some pre-recorded music of friends to play and I have friends live in the studio ready to play... We also have lots of fiction to share!

hoofbeats! radio has been broadcasting weekly for 2 hours at 93.3fm -- at one point managing to simulacast at CFRU at the same time, but mostly alternating between stations while seeking a syndicated show host, which we never did find... this week only our second hour will be simulcast and it will be rebroadcast at CFRU next week as we get our new syndication schedule happening.

hoofbeats! radio is exploring podcast, video and alternative web archive options too, so you'll hear even more about hoofbeats! radio soon.

[ ] snowmobile suit, 4:05
[ ] plea for kid reporters and stories
[ ] Read My Own Story, Just How Much Moxy
[ ] bicycle, 3:56

[ ] 9 year old Guest Reading from Pocket Pegasus
[ ] Mention Susan's upcoming appearances and readings
Kitchener Chapters on March 21st from 12-3pm.
London on the 14th at Greenhawk in the Morning and Chapters in the afternoon,
and at the HPG Booth at Can-Am Equine on March 22nd
[ ] Mrs. McIvor, 4:21

[ ] PSAs at both stations
[ ] a really big thanks to Guy, Drones and Tones at CFRU

[ ] Because high speed internet can be hard to find in rural areas, hoofbeats! radio makes an effort to broadcast out over the RADIO airwaves, through community/campus stations, relying largely on hardworking horsepeople/hoofbeats herd volunteers.Campus/Community radio has a copyright policy enabling sharing with other not-for-profit broadcasters, so the show is also available to all NCRA stns. If you want to know more about hearing the show on radio in a particular station or area, please write to

The show started broadcasting from the University of Guelph, north to Fergus, east to Rockwood, west to Kitchener-Waterloo, and south to the 401. Now hoofbeats! radio transmits from the tower at Mohawk College, reaching throughout Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas, parts of Stoney Creek and most of Oakville.

[ ] hoofbeats! radio founder Kim Logue feels her volunteer mission in creating and delivering a horse talk radio show at the University of Guelph has been fruitful, to both the horse community, and herself in terms of public recognition and personal skill development. CFRU has received new acclaim as well... With feelings of success and satisfaction, she is ready to move on to new challenges.

[ ] for the next few weeks, we are going to try providing pre-recorded shows to each station while seeking syndicated show hosts, or other ways to provide our show to the ncra stns

[ ] mention Bruce Davidson pics on barnmice
[ ] air a 20 min conversation with
[ ] air 3:13 Secrets 'n Lies, Guelph Speaks thing?
[ ] mention the The Mercury
[ ] air 16:26 podcast Equinely-Inclined

news item

its true i didn't even bother to try and tie in the musical guest to any horse talk. forgive me, okay? the video wa

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