Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#72 06-26-2011 Horse News and Music

[ ] 3:00 PSAs
1. [ ] 4:14 Not Lonely, Eliza Gylkson, Land of Milk & Honey, 2004 Red House Records
"one-trick pony, living in a one horse-town"
2. [  ] 4:10 Which Way Does that Old Pony Run, Lyle Lovett, 2001 Anthology Cowboy Man, MCA
[ ] Talk
Show Welcome and Show Description, lots of music in today's show, 50% of our air time, a list of audio that we have collected and never edited, perhaps the first ever reading of a Pony Daze blog entry, Promised last week but not played - I thought we would play a track from the voice who does her bio-intro, Tom Parker - Lickin' Good Fried as well as maybe more Bob Wiseman, who has promised one day to make us theme music.
3. [ ] 6:52 Standardbred Report from Rebecca Tower
4. [ ] 2:42 Beaverwood clip
5. [ ] 1:38 intro
6. [ ] 2:24 My Uncle Used To Love But She Died, Lickin' Good Fried,  Say Uncle!, Country & Folk,
7. [ ]  The Barnyard TwoStep, Wendell Ferguson, The $h@! Hits The Fan Live Album,  Country
[ ]  mention how jam buddy/hillside crew swooned when wendell kissed my hand ha, plus a commercial of upcoming SAC events
[ ] Donations & Programs re: Wind Dancer Pony Rescue
Started in March 2011 this non profit foundation is a dedication to Isabel Dupuy who loved ponies. It was her dream to one day open a pony rescue sanctuary. Isabel was taken from us in an accident and this foundation was formed by her devoted mother and others who knew and loved Isabel. "The Wind Dancer Pony Rescue Foundation will carry forward the spirit and energy that Isabel possessed and shared with us all. We will fulfill Isabel's dream and provide a place where the unwanted pony can be helped, where children can be educated, and the facets of the equestrian community can come together for a common goal." Dr. Paula Dupuy

[ ] Call for Volunteers re: read Sunrise from the Tribune

[ ] Equine Canada News Items
1) The Care and Handling of Farm Animals, recent surveyhighlights from http://www.nfacc.ca/pdfs/codes/factsheets/Horses%20Factsheet.pdf
2) Other Sightings (Citings) of the CEO
expresses interest in fair & broader access to sport for children, irrespective of social or economic background
Canadian Sport Policy renewal
Liberalism and Convenience TVO Broadcast Essay
3) plea for questions

[ ] 11:30 Hugh Mooresehead interview
[ ] 5:42 If Wishes Were Horses, Lucinda Williams, 
[ ] 3:27 Beaverwood Audio

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