Friday, May 13, 2011

2010 Royal Winter Agricultural Fair Report

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This is a picture of a street car passing by the huge manure pile and cow out walking on ashphalt.
The sheep get little coats after they've been shorn.  Night cap too.  Do you think this little guy looks like a super hero?
Everyone met this guy at the petting zoo, guarantee it.  Llama or Al Paca?
DANGER, a whole other kind of animal ! ! !

so much polishing.  i think this is a percheron tack stall.
have you heard our "Why I Love Horses Reel"

For sure in some of these pictures you can find James from Carsons, all dressed up and Royal Winter Fair fancy.

these are Clydesdales.  Does Carsons put in a team this size?
anonymous hoofbeats! (radio+) reporter?

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