Friday, May 13, 2011

#69 06-12-2011 Meeting Place Organic Farm and more

Guest star!

I loved getting a fb note the other day from local farmer, who heard the re-broadcast "Nice to hear Tony and farm folk. Voices change over time."  You'll also hear the music of Jonathan Byrd.

At the time this show aired, I was putting in time as an On-Farm Event Coordinator for Farm-Start, a not-for-profit organization that is supporting a new generation of farmers to develop ecologically sound and economically viable enterprises, and it might be apparent in the show content.

This was our second episode with a farming theme, inspired by horses that work on the land. Dedicated to the Belgians Nate and Pete, we air some audio collected at the Organic Farm Open House in Lucknow, that features Tony from Meeting Place Organic Farm. We went on a hayride around the property, did the quiz, met eggs, pigs and horses in the barn, bought some seedlings from the greenhouse, chatted with apples in the orchard, and cows in the pasture. Not to mention chickens, kittens and the family dog in passing. Did you have anything to add to our conversation about why our food choices matter, the importance of organic food etc. Check out more photos from our visit at the farm...

We've also play a HAYfield report from Alex Pangman about Horse Agility, and a Breed Feature recorded by Rebecca Tower. As a follow up to the previous week's show featuring the Suffolk team at Plowshare farm, you might hear some audio collected at the Plant Sing event during Rural Romp - when James Gordon was on site helping the work go easier with songs! 

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